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My Two Cents…

I like Ramin.

I’ve liked him since his days in LND.

But I think fame may be going to his head. “Too big for his britches,” you could say.

I also feel like he has no real appreciation of the shows he has been in


he seems to really disregard his fans (which are his meal ticket!!)

I’ve seen him perform a few times (broadgrass, les mis TO, Les mis NYC)

I was able, to meet/stage door him a couple of times and he always seems put out by having to meet with everyone. Now, I understand - he did a long show - he’s tired… But, one must understand that the fans want your autograph/want a pic/want to talk. (if you’re like me - traveled across the country - bought plane ticket, hotel, show tickets and stood in the snow for an hour only to be told by security that “Raheem” will not be coming out tonight. you’d be pretty bummed right?) If fans begin to feel cast aside and ignored - their admiration will begin to fade. Performers without fans and a following are basically nothing. 


I also, do not condone the creepiness of some fans. Personally, I like Ramin for his talent. I couldn’t really care about his love life, family, personal… because it’s not my business and I don’t know him. I just know him as a performer and that is all I want from him. See the show, (hopefully) get an autograph at the SD, then head back to hotel with a great memories. (not creep, follow him, harass him and so on.) So, don’t do that!! For instance, I saw him once at my hotel. We were waiting for elevators. I told him I went to Phantom that night and saw Peter Joback and if he was staying in town to go see it. He said he was and that was that. We got on our respective elevators and the world continued spinning. Or another time I saw him having dinner with some other Les Mis cast. I just kept walking. Why bother him? Or walking down the street. I admire him from afar but just keep moving. (i’ve had a ton of impromptu Ramin sightings now that I think of it lol) Basically, what I’m getting at is - don’t creep!

Stage Door is fine - but that’s it!


I went to the Katy Perry: Prismatic concert recently and she said something that made me instantly think of Ramin. She said something along the lines of “I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today…But no matter how hard I work - I know that the only reason I am standing here is because of you. Without you guys I am nothing.” I just thought this was amazing of her to say.

At Ramin’s broadgrass concert the only thing I recall him saying about his fans is that “they’re crazies” and he is “obligated to sing phantom now.” (umm… okay without these “crazies,” who fell in love with your 25th performances, you wouldn’t be here.)

I need to end this rant and go to sleep.


But one parting thought.

Ramin, if you traveled hundreds of miles, spent tons of money, and waited endlessly to see Colm Wilkinson, someone you admire, and he dipped out…How would you feel?